Who are we?
Luck is the bootstrapping organization based in Willie Nelson’s backyard of Luck, Texas. We are responsible for the annual Luck Reunion event, Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic and so much more. Recently we pivoted our company from unique events to live streaming and have hosted more than 20 events ranging from free to paywall, have raised almost $3 million dollars, and have seen more than 5 million viewers on our programs.
How do I watch Luck.Stream?
Visit "How to Watch" for more details on how to watch content on Luck.Stream or for details on streaming to your TV.
How do I watch ticketed events?
While much of Luck.Stream is free to browse, some of our content requires a ticket to access. Once you have procured your ticket, you will be able to access and stream using the instructions below. If you do not have a ticket, you can purchase one on the event page. You must have a registered Luck.Stream account and be logged in to view ticket options.
Who do we work with?
Luck works directly with artists, labels, venues, non-profits, brands, and you! Contact us with your unique request!
How do I sign up as an artist?
Please click here and fill out our streaming request form. A representative from Luck will reach out to you within 24 hours.
I am an artist, how much does it cost me to stream?
Streaming through Luck.Stream is FREE to anyone using our paywall service. We bill the viewer a ticket fee on top of your decided ticket price.

Luck.Stream has 3 ways you can stream with us:

  • Luck.Stream Paywall show:
    • Free to artists with our paywall (we bill ticket fee on top of your ticket price)
    • Quick and easy to set up
    • Schedule your own show time
  • Whitelabel show:
    • Your own branded player to embed in your own website
    • Great for brands, non-profits, and artists with their own built-in audience.
    • Low and easy to understand pricing
  • Partner and Affiliate streaming:
    • Co-promoted events put on by Luck with you!
    • We share in the promotion, the risk, and the profit.
    • Pre-negotiated ticket revenue sharing
Do you provide Tip Jar or Donation Services?
We do! Please make sure to mention your requests in your streaming event and account request form.
When do I get paid for my show?
Once your show has wrapped Luck.Stream will initiate a funds transfer. Funds usually transfer within 3-5 business days. You will receive a final settlement sheet upon the resolution of your event.
How do I set up my stream to Luck.Stream?
Fill out our online application and a Luck representative will send over all of the information you need to connect to the Luck.Stream platform using any number of streaming platforms or hardware.
I have never streamed before, do you offer support?
Luck.Stream is unique in that we are an end to end production company. We can help you navigate your 1st stream through consultation, or we can handle your production from end to end utilizing our professional teams behind over 20 events and shows that have raised more than $2.5 Million for artists and charity partners.
Do you offer more than streaming?
Yes! Luck.Stream offers end to end consultation, production and web services. Have an event and don’t know how to promote and run it? Luck’s production team can help you from the ground up with website builds, player management, production and streaming, marketing, press, fundraising booking, and more.
I have a show idea for your recurring series - who do I talk to?
Contact us and a Luck team member will reach out to you at our earliest convenience.
Having technical difficulties?
Use the help button in the bottom right corner of this page to contact us for tech support.