SHOW 9 - APRIL 7, 2021
Introducing Good Vibes Only, the Long Center’s series of free, fully-produced performances from local artists safely recorded in their Rollins Studio Theatre. Rooted in the spirit of the old Municipal Auditorium that opened its doors to Austin in 1959, it's time to get back to the music, back to the energy, and back to the old Austin. No more backyards and front porches, these performances are focused on what has kept Austin's culture so cool — great music, bold creativity, and Good Vibes Only.

Good Vibes Only powered by AT&T with additional support for this episode by JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Booked in partnership with EQ Austin & Austin Texas Musicians.
Produced with support from the Stand with Austin Fund and Applied Materials Foundation.

Your gift to the Long Center supports these Good Vibes and puts Austin’s local talent back on the stage.